Powder Room Wallpaper

Q. I will be putting up black and white toile wallpaper in our powder room. I am thinking about putting up anaglyptic wallpaper on the ceiling and want to know two things: How do I handle the small exhaust fan located on the ceiling, and what colour should I paint the paper on the ceiling? I am thinking about either black, white, or gold. The fixtures in the bathroom are a brushed brass finish.

— Christine

A. Because the toile is already a busy pattern, think about leaving the anaglypta-papered ceiling white. The texture will be enough for interest, and mixing textures and patterns is very reminiscent of a vintage look. Stick with a more monochromatic colour scheme to unify the space and make it look richer. A black-painted vanity and framed mirror would be very smart and stylish, and in keeping with the vintage feel, install brushed brass sconces on either side of the mirror. For a twist on traditional, outfit the sconces with simple, square frosted shades. An antique-looking fan and duct cover plates can be found at many home centres. Replace your existing white exhaust fan cover with a brushed brass or white cover in a pretty pattern.





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