Pre-Holidays Health Kick

It’s official; the holiday season is upon us. All the signs point to it: Starbucks has rolled out their snowflake printed cups, the blogosphere is abuzz with holiday gift-guides and Christmas decor (don’t miss Suzanne Dimma’s tips on simple holiday decorating) and most alarming, my hometown of Winnipeg has been blanketed with snow — “always a severe blow,” my parents wrote in a defeated email.

But the most obvious indicator that the holidays are here is always my waistline. I’ve already begun hibernating in my leisure suit most weeknights and we’re all gearing up for another season of over-consumption at holiday fetes.

So, a few weeks ago when celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito’s book Now Eat This! Diet (2011 Grand Central Life & Style) came in the mail for our food editor Amy Rosen — with the promise of losing up to 10 pounds in two weeks — she and I took a good hard look.

Of course, Rocco’s up to the usual tricks, writing in the fine print that we’ll need to begin rigorous exercise regimes and stop eating out at restaurants (not happening). While we are both deeply impressed with Rocco’s tight abs and sculpted arms, neither Amy nor I will be following his weight-loss plan in full.

The book is, however, chalk full of recipes for low-calorie everyday meals that we are both excited to try.

First up, a mouthwatering cheeseburger (always my guilty pleasure at local restos), that weighs in at a mere 368 calories compared to the usual 850. (Dubious, I know…)

Amy is excited to test the Blueberry Silver Dollar Pancakes (292 calories), the Fettuccini Alfredo With Shrimp (374 calories), and our most highly anticipated recipe, 110-calorie fudge bars!

Stay tuned for Amy’s recipe reviews in an upcoming blog post.

Photo credit:
Grand Central Life & Style