Decorating & Design

December 22, 2008

Preparing A Guest Room

Whether your guest space is a separate bedroom or a pullout sofa in the den, make it a luxurious retreat with a few special touches like a bed made up with soft, fresh linens and a night table topped with a water carafe and glass along with a couple of travel books on your city. A few extra pillows are a must for added comfort and nighttime reading. A down duvet is the utmost in comfort, but consider adding a throw or folded bedspread at the end of the bed to ward off chills.

Proper lighting is important: consider placing a good reading light on each side of the bed and putting the ceiling light fixture on a dimmer for extra control. Add a nightlight to the adjacent hall or stairs so guests feel confident tiptoeing to the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of the night.

Make sure the guest room dresser drawers are empty and clean; drawer liners or scented sachets are a nice touch. If the room has a closet, create some space and provide hangers for guests to hang their clothes; offering a couple of freshly laundered guest bathrobes is a kind gesture. A pretty dish on a night table can act as a catch-all for keys, coins or jewelry. A stylish notepad and pen are thoughtful additions for jotting down phone numbers, directions or reminders.

Stock guest towels in the bathroom instead of the bedroom where they could get left behind. Stack bath, hand and face towels and wrap them with a grosgrain ribbon for an inviting, hotel-like feel. Fill a basket with travel-size soaps, shampoos, conditioners and creams or lotions; keeping extra toothbrushes and small-sized toothpastes in your medicine cabinet will come in handy for visitors who may have forgotten to pack these essential items.

If your den or living room is doubling as your guest bedroom, transform a side table into a night table by adding an alarm clock, water glass and reading material. Make sure the room offers privacy at night with adequate window coverings and place the TV remote control in plain sight.

Preparing for your guests’ arrival can be as simple as making up the sofa bed or as involved as redecorating the extra bedroom. No matter the situation, remember that when trying to make guests feel at home in your living space, little touches go a long way.


Virginia Macdonald