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September 1, 2009

Pretty Pottery

Local Talent - Canadian Shane Norrie's ceramics

About a month ago, some of us editors were asked to think up items that would top our holiday wish lists (for a story in the upcoming November 2009 issue — yes, we work ahead in this biz!). I had a very tough time thinking of more than two items that would give me holiday morning glee.

Local Talent - Canadian Shane Norrie's ceramics

Well, I am happy to report that I can now add another item to my list. (Take note, those family and friends who say I’m difficult to buy for!) I love neutral-coloured, organic hand-thrown bowls (okay, so I admit my taste is pretty specific) and I love them even more when they are made in Canada. That’s why I am smitten with ceramicist/painter/sculptor Shane Norrie.

Local Talent - Canadian Shane Norrie's painting

Norrie’s series of beautiful, soft-coloured white bowls with charcoal pebbling have such a quiet elegance that I can’t wait to find an excuse to slip them into one of our upcoming photo shoots. I envision all different shapes and sizes of these bowls grouped together down the centre of a rustic table, or simply lined up along a mantel.

Cameron MacNeil's collection of Shane Norrie's ceramics

Fellow editor Cameron MacNeil has a beautiful collection of Norrie’s work in his house (above), featured in our current special Makeovers issue.

Norrie’s work is available at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto.

Photo credits:
1-2. Shane Norrie, photography by Brian Reiser
Shane Norrie
4. Michael Graydon, shot for the 2009 Makeovers issue