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October 28, 2011

Princess Margaret Showhome Twitter Chat

Missed the #AskLyndaReeves chat on October 26th, 2011? Read the transcript below!

@HCCTO: Welcome to the @LyndaReeves #pmwhs Showhome tweetup! Tag your questions with #AskLyndaReeves

@callypie: Hi @lyndareeves What are 3 or 4 pieces that i can add to my kitchen to recreate the wine country look without renovations? #asklyndareeves

@lyndareeves: @callypie Do things to make room look rustic. Try Behr plaster finish (texture paint) like Showhouse. Iron hanging pendants #asklyndareeves

@HCCTO: @LyndaReeves Do you find designing a house without knowing who the future owners will be difficult or liberating? Why? #AskLyndaReeves

@lyndareeves: @HCCTO It’s liberating!! Not to have to design for owners. The process goes much faster, no back and forth. more creative #asklyndareeves

@ramblingreno: @HCCTO @LyndaReeves Each of the showhomes you’ve designed has such a distinct style. How do you decide the interior look? #AskLyndaReeves

@lyndareeves: @ramblingreno Oakville sets the tone. For me that means “country” style, and what will look fresh and on trend. #AskLyndaReeves

@annawiesen: @HCCTO @LyndaReeves #AskLyndaReeves The lighting in my kitchen is really stark. What are some lighting options to suit a rustic look?

@lyndareeves: @annawiesen Low hanging pendants over sink, island & eating table in seeded glass or metal. Try Edison filament light bulbs #AskLyndaReeves

@rebecca_am: #asklyndareeves what is your go-to source for inspiration?

@lyndareeves: @rebecca_am Books by BETA PLUS publishers. Latest one: Best 500 Timeless Interiors #AskLyndaReeves

@ramblingreno: @lyndareeves Do you have have a favourite room in this year’s showhome? #AskLyndaReeves

@lyndareeves: @Ramblingreno tie between mustard kitchen and main floor study. Love the glass cabinets with French hardware and sectional #AskLyndaReeves

@desire2decorate: @lyndareeves Love the herringbone pattern hardwood. Any tips to be mindful of if doing this in our own homes? #AskLyndaReeves

@lyndareeves: @desire2decorate Think about where herringbone pattern butts up against other flooring, tile, carpet etc. Also, direction #AskLyndaReeves

@jenselk: #AskLyndaReeves Does the home come accessorized? (The R. Downey Jr. book, for ex.) The room wouldn’t be the same without it, but …

@jenselk: #AskLyndaReeves … it’s not for everyone. And will a new owner be able to incorporate their own books, etc. without “ruining” the design?

@lyndareeves: @jenselk Yes! Everything you see in the pictures comes with the house, hand selected by us! #AskLyndaReeves

@LyndaReeves: @jenselk Yes, of course. We’ve left lots of empty space, shelves, walls, etc. Room for more living room furniture, and rugs #AskLyndaReeves

@callypie: #AskLyndaReeves Love the patterns & textures used throughout the home. Can you give a rule of thumb on how to balance and not overdue it?

@lyndareeves: @callypie Keep continuous floor colour throughout, then you can have texture. 2 prints per room max. Repeat accent colours #AskLyndaReeves

@jenselk: #AskLyndaReeves After working so hard on the home, do you like to keep up with what happens to it? What winners/future owners keep/ change?

@lyndareeves: @jenselk No. Have to let go! Wish I could inspect and prevent bad changes, but can’t! #AskLyndaReeves

@bijouandboheme: #AskLyndaReeves loved the armoire in the entrance way and the beautiful glass bookcases in living room #beautiful

@lyndareeves: @bijouandboheme Thank you! Antique armoires have come down in price a lot. Great option for a coat closet. #AskLyndaReeves

@annawiesen: #AskLyndaReeves How often do you re-invent your own home? Are you constantly thinking of redesigning?

@lyndareeves: @annawiesen Yes I think about it, but I have great classic bones. Updates tend to be accessories, small furniture & fabrics #AskLyndaReeves

@rebecca_am: @lyndareeves #asklyndareeves I’ve had some wallpaper regrets in the past, do you have any tips on choosing a lasting pattern?

@lyndareeves: @rebecca_am Yes. Stick to background + one colour only. Subtle patterns that will act like a neutral and not clash. #AskLyndaReeves

@chrome_dreams: #asklyndareeves your top 3 space saving tips? i live in a very small apartment and want to make the most of my available space.

@lyndareeves: @chrome_dreams Cupboards, closets, bookcases to the ceiling. One great table = dining + desk. Drawers on wheels under bed. #AskLyndaReeves

@inVUDraperyCo: Some people struggle with monochromatic. What tips do you have to ensure rooms have dimension? @lyndareeves #AskLyndaReeves

@lyndareeves: @inVUDraperyCo A hit of crisp white and off-black essential. At least one bold accent pattern, mixed textures. Love leather! #AskLyndaReeves

@inVUDraperyCo: @lyndareeves How would you transition this look? How do I love and be inspired by this home and bring it into my own space. #AskLyndaReeves

@lyndareeves: @inVUDraperyCo Bring in rustic accents. Navajo fabric, rough wood table, iron lamps. Wallpaper a hall or bathroom in toile. #AskLyndaReeves

@designmaze_tim: @bijouandboheme #AskLyndaReeves same here! And the Louis chair in black linen

@bijouandboheme: @designmaze_tim #AskLyndaReeves oh yes…loved the chair too!!!!

@lyndareeves: @designmaze_tim @bijouandboheme That chair was from Elte. Black cotton against distressed oak is a good combo. #AskLyndaReeves

@shopwithrobin: We love the laundry room in the Showhome! Do you have one like it? @lyndareeves #AskLyndaReeves @HouseandHome

@callypie: @shopwithrobin Would love to work in that laundry room! What a great space to be creative! #AskLyndaReeves

@lyndareeves: @shopwithrobin Mine a very early “luxe laundry room”. Black & white linoleum tile, cupboards in Farrow & Ball high gloss Hay #AskLyndaReeves

@callypie: #AskLyndaReeves What are some of the design trends that you see coming up?

@lyndareeves: @callypie “Modern” is inching its way in. Mid-century vintage mixes well. Accent colour: orange. High gloss walls in areas. #AskLyndaReeves

@HCCTO: @LyndaReeves #AskLyndaReeves When you hit a creative block what do you do to move forward? eg meditate, go for a run

@lyndareeves: @HCCTO Visit favourite stores and websites. Look at fashion and art. Go to NYC! #AskLyndaReeves

@HCCTO: @LyndaReeves #AskLyndaReeves I agree. NYC is great for inspiration!

@designmaze_tim: @lyndareeves @bijouandboheme love! And the cute as a button guest bedroom in the lower level is to die for! #AskLyndaReeves

@lyndareeves: @designmaze_tim @bijouandboheme Thanks! Almost all from Ikea. #AskLyndaReeves

@shopwithrobin: @lyndareeves The wine tasting area is also gorgeous! Where did that idea come from? #AskLyndaReeves @HouseandHome #pmwhs

@lyndareeves: @shopwithrobin Eating in restaurants like FRANK at AGO where wine bottles are the art. #AskLyndaReeves

@HCCTO: Thanks for joining us @LyndaReeves! Hope everyone enjoyed the tweetup! #AskLyndaReeves

@lyndareeves: @HCCTO Thanks for organizing! Great chatting with everyone. #AskLyndaReeves Order a ticket!

@HCCTO: The #pmwhs Early Bird deadline is only 8 days away! Order your tickets here: #AskLyndaReeves

@tinalovespinot: sorry to miss it ~ fab idea @Lyndareeves did a Showhome Design Tweetup Q&A …. going to c/out stream #AskLyndaReeves @HouseandHome

@RedefineHome: @houseandhome @lyndareeves Sorry to miss the chat today! Crazy busy morning, I’ll look out for the next one #AskLyndaReeves