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December 9, 2008

Privacy In A Kitchen

Q. I have a windowed door and two long windows 2’ by 5’ (one on each side of the door) at the end of my long kitchen. When we moved in, the previous owners had horizontal blinds on the two windows and the door. We didn’t like this look. What type of window and door coverings would you suggest?

— Denisa Horak

A. If you need window and door coverings for privacy, consider roman shades instead of typical vertical or horizontal blinds, which can date a space. Roman shades, made out of fabric, can be traditional, frilly or quite modern, all depending on the fabric and type of roman blind you decide to use.

A standard, no-frills roman shade is a simple rectangle of fabric, sewn onto horizontal rods (which make the fabric pleat as it is pulled up). This type of shade has a very simple hem, usually about 4” wide. If your kitchen is more traditional or if you want a more detailed blind, choose a style of shade that bows in the centre when it is pulled, or have the hem sewn with a scalloped design, or add fringe or detail to the hem for a more romantic feel. However, since this will be in your kitchen, you probably want to keep it quite simple. Start by choosing a fabric and colour that will complement your kitchen. Sometimes ticking stripes are a great choice. If you want to add a little rustic texture, choose bamboo roman shades for warmth and interest. Once the new blinds are in place, keep the blinds on the windows and door at the same height when pulled up. This will provide symmetry, and will make that end wall look and feel less busy.

If your space is more contemporary and the view outside these windows is not an issue, consider replacing the existing clear glass windows with frosted glass for a muted, more private look that will still let in diffused natural light.