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November 5, 2012

Products For A Healthier Home

With the start of November comes flu season, and endless reminders to get your flu shot. Beyond the shot, there are steps you can take to ensure you and your family have a healthier home. (This blog post is sponsored by Swordfish UVC Air Treatment System.)

Indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Most indoor air quality products trap pollutants, but the easy-to-install Swordfish® UV Air Purifiers kill unseen airborne viruses, bacteria, mold and dust mites. Used in hospitals, UVC technology uses ultraviolet light to clean the air your family breathes and can help prevent the spread of colds and flu.

Simply mount Swordfish Whole Home inside your duct system or above the air conditioning coil. Installation takes about 15 minutes and all required tools are included. Bonus: it’s energy efficient and chemical free.

For condo and apartment dwellers, the Swordfish Portable system is available, too. It also alleviates allergy, asthma and cold and flu symptoms.

Elsewhere in your home, consider using eco-friendly products to prevent the spread of germs. Method carries all-purpose cleaning and disinfecting wipes (great for doorknobs, keyboards and just about any hard surface), and an actibacterial kitchen cleaner spray that also works on influenza A among other germs.

Beyond keeping your counter germ-free, green products are worth considering for other cleaning tasks. Canadian-made Nature Clean products provide toxin-free solutions for everyday household tasks — from dish care, laundry and more — and are biodegradable, too.

Ready to make your home healthier? Visit for great discounts during Cold & Flu Awareness Month.

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