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November 26, 2008

Quick Bathroom Makeover

Q. I have a small bathroom with grey tub, sink and toilet. The faucets are chrome and white, and the floor is grey and white. I want European-style accents and I need it ready for a bridal shower I’m having in 2 weeks. I’d like to keep my quick fix under $100.

A. Try going the classic route of black and white. Your grey and white will work just as well, and will be instantly transformed with the addition of black accents. Start first by painting your walls a soft, creamy white instead of a cool-grey white, to add warmth to the room.

Crisp, white towels with black accent hem or piping will draw interest, while vintage Parisian-look white-and-black canisters or bath accessories will round out the look.

Keep your chrome and white faucets and install a new, white cotton shower curtain, making sure the hem just touches the floor for a little glamour. If the wall tiles and hardware inside the shower are in good condition and coordinate with the bathroom, you can leave the shower curtain open. If you’d rather “hide” what’s behind the curtain, draw it closed. A terry towel or waffle fabric offers extra texture and would make it seem more plush. Use chrome towel bars, shower curtain “roller” rings and shower curtain rod for a clean, sparkly look. Home decor retailers often have new varieties of white towels and accessories that might fit the bill (and your budget). Replace existing cabinet hardware with either nickel or chrome, and if your light fixtures in the room are screaming for attention, simply paint them black and add new shades. Most renovation stores carry many different styles of low-cost frosted glass shades, and paired with a newly-painted fixture, no one will be the wiser. In keeping with your style of room, look for the mini schoolhouse shades for retro glam.

Add warm contrast with accents like a dark wood side table to hold towels, or a walnut-coloured basket to house toilet paper.

Finally, a vase of yellow tulips or lilies will add a hint of colour to your stylish grey, white and black bathroom.