Quick Holiday Ideas

I have a confession to make: last year I didn’t decorate much for the holidays at all. Sometimes the weeks just slip away from me, and since my husband and I are more likely to travel than host, it seems silly to go crazy decking the halls. Add to that the fact that our Toronto home is quite tiny — it can be a challenge to add even more decorating on top of what’s there. But I’ve been looking around for inspiration and I think I’ve come up with some plans for this year. I will keep it simple and focus on the natural. Here are some ideas I’m considering.

There just isn’t enough floor space at our place for a tree (plus our wee dog has failing vision, so I fear a tree might be a danger to her). In the past I have done tabletop trees, but this year I am thinking of placing branches in large glass demijohns. I’ll put three on the console in our front window and add tiny white lights on a timer since I love to see them twinkling inside when I come home from work.

I used some white feather cone trees for the vintage Christmas decorating story I styled for the December 2013 issue of the magazine (see Merry & Bright). I liked the effect and plan to make up a few of these faux fur versions and mix them in with flocked bottlebrush trees to decorate my mantel.

My neighbour Lindsay Stephenson recently posted holiday wrapping ideas on her site The Penny Paper Co. and it’s like she read my mind. Her ideas are a wonderful mix of earthy with a touch of sparkly embellishment (think glitter washi tape and sparkly brooches). 

And best of all, she sells everything you need for the look on her site. Order soon to make sure you get all your supplies in time for your wrapping.

Another confession: I’m not a fabulous cook. So when I am cooking I need to concentrate on the recipes and keep the table decor as simple as possible. I love using fruit for a centrepiece or sideboard. After the sweets course, I encourage guests to help themselves to some of the arrangement! I’ll tuck bay leaves or rosemary sprigs amongst the fruit for a wonderful colour contrast and scent.

Red ilex berries say holiday loud and clear. Find them at flower markets and farmers’ markets in December. The key to making an arrangement look great? Strip the stems of any berries or side branches from the top of the vase to the base. Then prune the branches so they form an even fan shape, just like this display by celeb NYC floral designer Michael George.

A length of garland, a lush wreath and a new plain coir welcome mat are all you need to spruce up an entryway for the season. Too bad it’s already a bit too cold for me to repaint my front door this colour. Adding that to my spring to-do list.

I spotted this idea at the Club Monaco store on Bloor St. in Toronto and I think I’ll do a scaled-down version in front of my house. The mix of evergreen varieties in different heights and planters is so casual and so pretty. Proof that nature truly needs no embellishment! Ok, fine, maybe some tiny white lights…

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