Quick Styling Trick: Outdoor Trees

Here’s the scenario: You have guests coming over and need to add a bit of wow to your space without too much effort. Here’s an easy way to add an inviting touch: bring in a tree.

In the past year, we’ve seen the broad leaf ficus in almost every space. Although glorious and lush, I can’t say that I know a single person who’s managed to keep it alive for more than 8 months (including me… yikes!). My suggestion: try an outdoor tree that you can plant outside later.

The lilac in the bedroom above is absolutely stunning. I’m thinking it might be a branch (based on the narrow pot it’s in), which also works, but won’t last more than a couple of weeks.

For this porch makeover (watch the transformation on Online TV!), H&H Online TV’s segment producer, Ryan Louis, suggested we make a trip to Plant World in Toronto’s west end. We found this spectacular maple that brings the outdoors in — perfect for an enclosed porch. It elevates the space more than any house plant ever could. The best part is that the homeowner can plant it outdoors later in the season!

I couldn’t write this blog post without showing this gem from 2009. Style editor Stacey Smithers threw a Japanese maple onto an entrance table and we’re still talking about it.

Forget cut flowers — make a big impact with a small tree and create a focal point your guests won’t soon forget.

Photo credits:
1. Artist Kirra Jamison’s home seen on Homelife.com.au
2. Jason Stickley
3. House & Home November 2009 issue, photography by Michael Graydon, styling by Stacey Smithers

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