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October 2, 2009

Quick Wedding Update

Cottage Wedding Suzanne By Table

Last Saturday was our wedding at the cottage. It was a perfect weekend and probably the most memorable, meaningful event of my life so far. Only our closest family and friends were invited to share in the experience – it was a rustic and simple, intimate dinner party. It ended up being a good thing that I hadn’t really touched the decorating yet because we were able to treat the interior like a big restaurant (we rented everything). Because of the cottage location, it actually took months and months of planning even though it was a modest affair for only 24 people!

Having the wedding date set really pushed us to complete the cottage construction. It was a ton of work, especially for Arriz and our crew, and all of the unfinished details on the building at the end were so overwhelming it almost threw us over the edge. Like waking up the morning of the wedding and realizing there was no knob on the bathroom door. And then going to the outhouse only to find a deer had butted up against the door with his antlers, so I had to repaint it. Somehow we got everything done and the wedding party was the grand finale of it all. I couldn’t have asked for a better reward.

Stay tuned… I will be posting more details and pictures on Friday, October 9th. I’m just getting back into the work groove after a week off and have yet to sort through all of the wedding photos!

Photo credit:
Andreas Avdoulos