Quilt Craze

Quilts always remind me of home. My mother’s been making them with scraps of material for as long as I can remember and every room in my parents’ house has one (or several!) lying around. I think they’re absolutely darling, but their quaint cuteness never really resonated with my own space — until now.

Leave it to Anthropologie to take dowdy quilts and turn them into something drool-worthy. They have a whole collection of quilt bedding and I adore every single one.

Urban Outfitters also got on the trendy-quilt bandwagon with its Kaleidoscope Patchwork coverlet. Its graphic nature and retro colours make it a bit more guy-friendly than the ones from Anthropologie.

For a grungier look, torn denim is the way to go. Try making your own; I doubt you’d need any real sewing skills to put one of these together.

Do you remember these ottomans from H&H.com’s Cape Cod Style Finds gallery? I think they’re genius. I might attempt to make one myself with some vintage printed sheets, upholstery fabric scraps and some mattress foam.

If you still prefer the old English quilt look, check out these printed tiles from Welbeck’s Vintage Collection. It doesn’t get cuter than this!

So why not pick up a quilt for summer? It’s a lighter option than a duvet, and several of the Anthropologie quilts come in gorgeous summery pastels.

What do you think of this quilt revival? Do you love these fashionable machine-made styles or will you stick to traditional handmade quilts?

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