Quirky Vintage Lamps

Spending days sourcing new products sometimes pays off, especially when I accidentally stumble upon a gem, like this Etsy shop EarthSeaWarrior. Filled with quirky and colourful decorative bits, this shop is like a candy store for the eclectic decorator. I must admit, the retro lamps are what really caught my eye. Their multicoloured cords are hand-dyed to achieve the right vibrancy, contrasting nicely with the muted colouring of the vintage lamps. Here’s a small sample of their playful fixtures:


I’d love to have a lamp where the cord doesn’t need to be hidden behind a desk!

Keep an eye out in Free People stores, where EarthSeaWarrior can be found lighting the dressing rooms.

For more, visit EarthSeaWarrior’s Etsy shop online.

Photo credits:
1-4. EarthSeaWarrior via Etsy

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