Reader’s Bargain Find: Wishbone Chairs

Jennifer Zakariassen, a devout H&H reader, was catching up on her summer reading with our June 2013 issue and came across my column about bargain finds. I asked readers to share photos of great finds they’ve come across, and Jennifer sent me her photos of these amazing wishbone chairs by Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner.

“A year and a half ago, my husband and I were on our way to my sister-in-law’s house when we came across a heap of old furniture and garbage on the side of the road (we live outside of Ottawa). As we drove by, I happened to see the shape of a “Y” and immediately asked my husband to stop the car. Having read House & Home for years, I’m familiar with the ever-popular Hans Wegner wishbone chairs. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned one over and it was stamped with a ‘Made in Denmark’. There were four chairs, and only one was broken (but the piece was with the chair). The seats were a little worse for wear. My husband, the great sport that he is, loaded them in the car, cobwebs and all. I explained our good fortune as we drove off.

I really want to put them to use, so I’m looking at getting the seats and broken chair fixed. However, I have to be careful not to devalue them. I’m not even sure what they’re worth, although to me they are priceless! Talk about a bargain find!”

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For those not-so-lucky in bargain finds, new Hans Wegner wishbone chairs are available through Design Within Reach (starting at about $900 each).

Photo credits:
1-2. Jennifer Zakariassen

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