Restored Coffee Table

I can appreciate the quality and presence of a lavish furniture piece, but the way to my heart is a battered one with a story.

En route to a hoedown up north, a girlfriend and I spotted a rickety coffee table on the side of the road. It was large and sturdy and in desperate need of a good paint job, among other things. I’ve been itching to revamp something like this for a long time, so without thinking, we tossed it in the back of my car.

Here is what it looked like when we picked it up.

This was my inspiration for its transformation.

I decided I wasn’t going to put too much money into it since the quality of the wood wasn’t great. I began by sanding the entire table down very gently using fine grade sandpaper. The top surface of the table was slightly warped but I couldn’t fix it without a heavy-duty sander, so I decided to let it be.

Repairing the drawer was hopeless because of the flimsy boards, so I tossed the box and glued the exterior to the table.

I traded the ugly wooden knobs for a pair of really sweet porcelain ones I found in a clearance bin at Pier 1.

Choosing paint colours was easy since I knew I wanted high contrast. After one coat of primer and three coats of creamy paint, here is my restored cast-a-way. So next time you’re driving by a pile of junk, keep your eye out for furniture that can be made over on the cheap.

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Photo credits:
1, 3-5. Floriana Paonessa
2. Whitesburg Cottage Style Two Tone Coffee Table, Decorium Furniture & Accessories

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