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October 28, 2013

Robert Pattinson’s Hollywood Haunt

Since it’s nearly Halloween, here’s a house that’s been home to a vampire and a wizard. Well, OK, just actor Robert Pattinson, who has played both. And the only thing scary about this house — besides the nearly $7 million price tag — is how lovely and well-maintained it is for a twentysomething guy’s digs. Let’s take a look inside this Hollywood villa.

The listing describes the gated property as “awe-inspiring without being overwhelming,” and I agree. Built in 1922, the 4,000-square-foot Spanish Colonial-style house still has both plenty of room and many of its original details. Stucco walls around the lot, for example, charm visitors with blue tile details and a burbling fountain, but keep out crazed fans.

In back of the house, one-and-a-half acres of land stretch up in an elaborate terraced garden with views of the LA skyline to the south. Beyond the property’s wall lies the 4,000-acre expanse of Griffith Park, so you can take in the sights in peace. The only downside? When actor Tim Curry owned this home in the ’90s, he apparently had to hire a full-time gardener and garden consultant.

The pool, perched at the top of the garden, seems to be the source for a water feature that runs all the way down to the house. Sure, you do need to do some stair-climbing before going for a swim, but I think it would be worth it to lounge in this grotto-like oasis.

When you tire of exploring the gorgeous garden, retreat to this beautifully beamed living room. The doors at right open to an outdoor dining area, making the space ideal for entertaining and, since this is an actor’s home in Hollywood, a screen drops down in front of the fireplace.

The dining room also opens to the courtyard. I’d happily linger over a meal under the barrel-vaulted ceiling here, but the sofa and chairs clustered around the outdoor fireplace are pretty tempting, too.

Here’s another arched ceiling in one of the three bedrooms. I’m guessing the windows open to a second-storey walkway, and the arched doorways lead to a dressing room or one of the three bathrooms. And in case you didn’t already suspect the house had been staged, the white bed linens and yellow rose upholstery don’t exactly say ‘hot young actor’s bachelor pad’ to me.

I’d be charmed by this house even without the celeb connection. What about you?

If you’ve fallen prey to a bit of Twihard streak, be sure to check out the listing, which has a time-sucking 65 photos of the lovely house and gardens.

Photo credits:
1–6: The Partners Trust