Rooms With Rounds

I was thinking the other day about what draws me to an interior. Often here at H&H, we’re asked things like, “What are your fave kitchens?,” or “Which designers are you loving right now?” But what I love changes — it’s hard choosing the “best” because there is just so much good design out there.

The other day, I was having a look at loads of interiors (for an unrelated story), and I noticed that a lot of the spaces I was drawn to had a similar element. Take a look just below, can you find the thread?

If you guessed circles, you’re right. Something about each image above and the importance of the circular form struck me. Perhaps I’m responding to the organic nature of the form and its way of offsetting structure and straight lines.

Have a look around. Do you live with a round mirror? Does your home have ceiling medallions? Would a round ottoman or coffee table solve the problem of linking your sofa and chairs together? I bet a circular form or two would add a little something something to your own home.

Photo credits:
1. Darryl Carter’s D.C. Townhouse, Elle Decor, photography by Simon Upton
2. Lower Fifth, Steven Gambrel (For more inspiring rooms by this designer, see our Steven Gambrel photo gallery.)
3. Southampton, Steven Gambrel
4. Elle Decor, photography by Eric Piasecki
5. Elle Decor, photography by William Waldron
6. Elle Decor, photography by Simon Upton
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