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October 2, 2012

Rowhouse Reno: 1 Month To Go!

We are finally in the home stretch of our rowhouse renovation. (Click here if you missed my previous posts.) The floors have been installed, tile picked out, appliances delivered, the primer is going up and the cabinets are being made. We are finally seeing it come together. I thought I would give you an overall tour of what the reno looks like with just 30 days left to go.

The exterior at the back is patiently waiting for its stucco finish — should be this week if the rain stays away.

This is where we were sleeping through the renovation, but we decided to open it up and it’s now the holding room for all the materials and finishes. Now we’re living upstairs in the office. It’s cosy.

This is taken from the entrance to the kitchen and you can see through to the back of the house. We primed all the walls ourselves to help keeps costs down.

Here is the opposite direction looking towards the front door from the back of the house. I’m very eager for the cabinets to arrive!

This is the second floor looking down the hall to the bedroom. This room is the closest to being finished. Once we get our doors we can move our furniture in!

The construction was the easy part. Choosing all the finishes was a lot of work, but we got through it and we’re still married. We had a bit of help: kitty helped us decide on the stucco colour.

The tile in the ensuite bathroom is finally going up. I’m so happy with how it’s turning out. It’s very satisfying to finally see your ideas on paper turn into reality. So far no regrets!

At the last minute, we decided to redo the entryway. We were going to put it off for a while, but after all the work we did, we didn’t want the first impression to be that of the old dark house. It’s getting the final drywall sanding and will be ready for priming and tile next week. My husband spent the weekend hand-scraping and sanding the popcorn lacquer off of the archway. I’m so happy he saved it.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about the progress!

Photo credits:
1-10. Mandy Milks