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November 9, 2010


Last week I was chatting with my fellow blogger and bud Gwen McAuley about my upcoming birthday dinner. She mentioned that one of our mutual friends/coworkers was a bit disheartened that she hadn’t received an invitation to the dinner party. I double-checked, and there was an invitation just waiting for her RSVP on Facebook — (blush) yes, Facebook. Apparently she doesn’t keep up with her Facebook as much as we do or even as much as House & Home does! This made me realize how much we rely on technology for invitations these days. So next year, I’m switching it up and sending my invites out via post. I found a studio in Toronto that does such lovely invitations and now would be the perfect time to share it with you all.

Michele Alter started Paperdoll, an invitation and stationery studio, just a few years ago. Her designs are elegant yet graphic, and she does an excellent job at coordinating the cards with the envelopes. She has a great selection of invitations for everything from birthdays to showers to weddings. Custom stationery is also available and is definitely worth checking out ­— her palette of colours is so vibrant and fresh, you can’t go wrong with any colour combination.

Scroll down and take a look at some of my favourites:

Photo Blog Stationery Letters Paper Purple

Photo Blog Stationery Letters Paper Pink

Photo Blog Stationery Letters Paper Green

Photo Blog Stationery Letters Paper Envelope

The moral of the story? I should stop relying on technology so much and try something different. As much as I love Facebook, next year I’ll be telling my family and friends to check their mailboxes for future birthday invitations.

Stationery also makes the perfect holiday gift — for more easy gift ideas check out our Christmas & Holiday Guide, Monogrammed Gifts, or Affordable Christmas Supplies.

Photo credits:
1-4. Paperdoll