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Toronto’s LG Fashion Week officially kicked off this past Monday (there were several unofficial events the week prior) with Holt Renfrew’s show, “With True Patriot Love”. It was a blockbuster that featured nine of Canada’s top designers (Smythe, Pink Tartan, Jeremy Laing, Wayne Clark, Lida Biday, Mikhael Kale, Denis Gagnon, Line and Wings and Horn) showing only five looks each, all available at Holt’s. Each year, fashion week makes me more and more proud to be Canadian — there is a ton of talent here who have established a Canadian style that is sexy, understated, textured and wearable (i.e. smart). My three top picks from the night happen to mirror some of my favourite interior design trends right now, as well. 

Pink Sofa Anna Spiro Living Room

The slightly painterly floral effect and drapey, flowing dress fabric of an outrageously gorgeous dress from Wayne Clark, for instance, reminds me of Australian blogger Anna Spiro’s living room, layered with accessories, colour and art. 

Bouquet Chairs Moroso

Moroso’s Bouquet chair by Yoshioka Tokujin has layers and layers of fabric petals, offering the same effect. 

In both fashion and interiors, I love the tie-dyed-ombre mix. I love Denis Gagnon’s runway version. I can’t look at it any longer because I want it more every minute, and it’s unlikely to ever be mine. Especially after just buying two new Eames chairs!

Tie Dye Drapes Makeovers 

And here are some easy DIY, tie-dyed Ikea drapes that my work buddy Michael Penney and I did for a mini makeovers story. Thanks to my junior high skater t-shirt experiments, this is the one and only DIY job I will ever be able to hold over Michael Penney!

John Robshaw Indigo Dip Cushion 

One of John Robshaw’s more recent collections has a series of “Indigo Dip” cushions with a bleeding ink line.

Jeremy Laing’s beautifully drapey and flowing cream, stone and putty coloured collection reminds me of how designer Kelly Deck has described West Coast interiors: “Simple and elemental with an organic quality. There isn’t the same fancifulness you’d find in the rest of the country.” 

Bed Fabric Canopy

This moody bedroom shot has been up on my inspiration board since I first saw the film come in from a Runway To Room story that the talented Stacey Smithers and Joel Bray produced for our August 2009 fashion issue. I think the image speaks for itself (and it’s not even a real room!).

 Wool Throw

B.C.-based 18Karat is known for beautiful wool throws and clay pottery with an organic, tactile appeal that are great for layering in your space.

LG Fashion Week finishes tonight with the grand finale show Dare To Wear Love. The gala is the second annual — last year it was Hoax Couture’s public dare to a handful of designers to create a gown out of six yards of African fabric to raise funds for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Needless to say, it was a huge hit. So if you don’t have tickets for tonight, mark your calendar for next year!

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