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June 7, 2010

Sarah Richardson’s Cottage

Can you believe it’s June already? For me, June and July are the best months of summer. The most beautiful flowers are in bloom, school’s out, and the summer cottage season can really get into full swing!

Cottages aren’t usually the spot to spend lots of money on decorating, nor should they be! It’s all about the family hand-me-down: a sofa that’s worn to a threadbare and so-soft finish, perfect for napping; an old quilt that has the essential cottage scent; sunlight dancing on the windowpane and sparkling water visible beyond…

So, don’t spend too much money on your cottage, just enjoy the pieces you have and the stories attached to each. Layer in some quilts. Splash on some cottage-colour paint and relax. You’ve got better things to do, like roast marshmallows.

Here are some dreamy summer cottage rooms by Sarah Richardson for inspiration.

Photo Blog June 7 Cosy Cottage Design Quilt Bed

Don’t you just love a good ‘curl-up-and-read’ nook? This painted sleigh bed just tucks right into this corner and hems you in with cosy. I want that quilt — bad.

Photo Blog June 7 Cosy Cottage Design Nautical Bedroom

Red + white + a little blue? Scrumptious! This feels like a sea captain’s bed and I’m really feeling those whitewashed walls. Why not try this at your cottage? (Get more red, white and blue ideas in our July 2010 issue.)

Photo Blog June 7 Cosy Cottage Design Red Chair Dresser

I am currently hunting high and low for a handsome chest of drawers like this. Has anyone seen one? Sarah? Help me out! Oh, and the painted floors in a wide stripe are charming, charming, charming.

Photo Blog June 7 Cosy Cottage Design Bedroom Bed Tray

Yes, I’ll take a scone with my morning tea and then perhaps stroll through that open door down to the dock and soak my feet. Bonus points for the birch log-cum-table lamp. And isn’t the Sophie Conran teapot made for this room?

Happy cottaging everyone!

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Photo credits:
Sarah Richardson