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July 13, 2017

See Gucci’s New Home Decor Line

The house of Gucci has never been one for shrinking violets, and their new home decor line is no different. The colors are rich, the animal motifs are fierce and the overall look is very, very opulent. The collection will be available to purchase online, and at some Gucci and specialty stores starting in September.


Gucci Decor will include cushions, candles, incense trays, chairs, screens, wallpaper, metal trays, and metal folding tables. The fashion house is under the creative leadership of Alessandro Michele, who designed velvet and needlepoint pillows that served both as cushions for guests and as a take-home gift for Gucci’s 2017 cruisewear collection show held in the cloisters of Westminster Abbey.


A lacquered Ligurian Chiavari chair features an upholstered velvet cushion. The intricate motifs are embroidered and then hand-applied, a process that takes approximately 10 hours to complete. The designs feature a menagerie of animals which frequently pop up in Gucci’s clothing, handbags, and other accessories.


Silk screens with tessellated designs are the priciest items in the collection, ringing in at almost $30,000. A collection of silk, vinyl, and paper wallpapers, which include a floral pattern from Gucci’s Fall ’15 collection, has yet to be unveiled. A line of tableware will be also be unveiled this fall.

Author: Wendy Jacob

All images courtesy Gucci