tiff green room

See Where Celebrities Hang Out During TIFF

Roll out the red carpet — no, not an overdyed dhurrie — because the annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has arrived. The city is abuzz with celebrities promoting their movies, bringing some of that Hollywood glamor north of the border. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of a star on the red carpet, but when they want a break from the public eye, where do they hide?

tiff green room

The TIFF Green Room was created to offer celebrities a space to relax, enjoy drinks and boisterous conversation with industry members between film screenings. The room was designed by Jane Lockhart, with furniture contributed by Augustus Jones, rugs by Weavers Art, lighting by Union and art by Dorset Fine Arts (DFA).

tiff green room

We had the privilege of visiting the space that will host countless celebrities over the course of the film festival. It was alive in technicolor, with streamlined, geometric furniture mingling with strikingly beautiful rugs in vibrant hues. The colors call to mind the set of a Wes Anderson film, with hyper-vivid shades like chartreuse and coral that spell major drama.

To get the look in your home, check out our list of sources below.

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Adena Leigh
Courtesy of Augustus Jones and TIFF
1. Rug, Street Art No. 1, $13,500; Seam Sofa with metal base upholstered in wool, $5670; Polygon lounge chair with walnut arms and copper legs, $1189; Monk Armchair with grey fabric and oak frame, $743; IZZY Coffee Table, $2792.  2. Rug, Luminescence, $7,750, Chartruese 3Angle chair by Prostoria, $1879, Purple 3Angle Pouf by Prostoria, $700.  3. Art Day 103 – Graffiti, $6,570, Olive Convert Modular sofa by Prostoria, $7090.