Four Texas Couples Create Their Own Mini Neighborhood, “Bestie Row”

Four couples in Austin, Texas recently took their 20-year friendship to the next level and created their own charming miniature neighborhood where they live side-by-side, in what the Internet has coined “Bestie Row.”

Fans of the tiny house movement, the couples were determined to give their homes a small eco-footprint. With the help of Lone Star state architect Matt Garcia, they built four modern 350-square-feet metal-siding cabin homes along the Llano River each valued at around $40,000.


Inside, rustic meets contemporary style with minimalist-grained plywood lining almost every wall in each home. Each is complete with mini-gourmet kitchens, a comfy bed, bath and living space.

However, it’s not all separate. They also added a 1,500-square-feet communal building with an open floor plan, a spacious kitchen and living room and additional bedroom for guests and activities. Oh and don’t worry about those desert Texas heats; the energy smart homes are outfitted with special insulated siding that helps keep them cool in the summer and retain heat in the winter. Canaled “butterfly” roofs to catch and redistribute rainwater across the property.


Jealous? We are too. Fortunately, when the couples are away they rent their property out to any willing takers. So, tell us what you think. You adore your “bestie”…but could you share a living space with them?

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Ashani Jodha
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