Decorating & Design

November 27, 2008

Shared Bedroom For Boys

Q. I have a bedroom for two boys ages 10 and 7. The older is artistic and the younger is sports oriented. They have a double bunk with matching double dresser, desk, hutch and night table. We can’t decide on colour or a theme but we want it to be fun and functional. They mostly use their room for playing Lego, while homework is done in the kitchen. Can you help us?

— B.P.

A. The matching furniture can still work even though each boy has a different interest. Think about creating a space in the room that is dedicated to each child. Your 10-year-old can have an art table (if space is at a minimum, hang a dry erase board, chalk board or large cork board on a wall in his part of the room so he can display and create art). Your 7-year-old can have a mini basketball hoop on one wall (again, if space permits). If you have space under the bunk beds, buy blanket boxes, which can act as storage for Lego or other toys. These are also great for storing artwork. Keep the theme or look of the room middle-ground. Use colours both boys like and install shelving so each boy can display art or trophies, books or pictures. Red and blue can be a great colour scheme to start with. Integrate fun fabrics like denim, checks or plaids, and materials like wicker, which won’t go out of style and can all grow with your children. If they each have their own corner of the room for themselves, they can personalize their own spaces with things they like. Create a common area, perhaps in the middle of the room, on an area rug or if possible a small table for their Lego and other toys they enjoy together.