Shoe Storage Part I

Where do you store your shoes? Shoe storage has been something I have struggled with in every place that I’ve lived in.

In my first few apartments, my shoe organizing system always looked a little like this.

If life were fair, I would have a wing of my closet dedicated to shoes à la Mariah Carey.

On the plus side, I don’t really need that much space (though one could argue that I have a lot of shoes, I am nowhere near the 1000 mark that Mimi is at) — and truth be told, I prefer to have my shoes close to the front door. I’m practical like that. So what’s a gal to do?

I love this antique glass cabinet turned fancy house for your shoes (found in Michael Hainey and Brooke Cundoff’s New York pad via The Selby), but I have a couple of problems with doing this in my own place. Problem one: I have a rather narrow hallway. Problem two: the price tag of one of these. Those fancy pants antiques aren’t cheap!

Alrighty, moving on.

I found this budget-friendly DIY project from Martha Stewart a while back, using simple trim along a wall to secure heels. It may not be great for a front hall though? It seems weird to walk into someone’s house and be at eye-level with a pair of shoes — possibly less than pristine shoes. Also, while it might be a good idea considering I’m a measly 5’1″, not all my shoes have heels. And then there are my husband’s and son’s shoes to consider. Right.

So, any guesses what I have going on at the moment? If someone can cue the drumroll I’ll show you…

Behold, the Ikea Brissa cabinet. I picked up two of them for $30 each. They’re narrow enough for my hallway, hold a decent amount of shoes and they are cheap! And it’s possible they would look nice in some stylist’s place but they are, really, umm, utilitarian in mine. I’m thinking about jazzing them up. What do you think? Comment below with all your amazing ideas!

Read about my ideas for covering these Ikea cabinets in fabric for a hit of colour and pattern.

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