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My mom had to have some surgery recently. She is fine, but the recovery will be a few weeks and is quite painful. So I wanted to bring her a little “pick me up” when I went over for a visit this weekend. Whenever I’m looking for this type of thing, I like to check out the vintage and antique stores along Toronto’s Queen Street West. I thought you might like to come along with me.

Two of my very favourite shops happen to be right next door to each other just east of Dovercourt on Queen — 1080 Queen Street West, to be exact. Silver Falls (which also has a lovely vintage women’s clothing store a few blocks away on Ossington), and Rec have a similar aesthetic and lots of reasonably priced houseware items as well as some furniture.

Here is a peek at Silver Falls:

I really wanted to buy this set for myself, but since I was on a hunt for something for my mom, I refrained.

Rec used to be located a couple of blocks east and was closed for a few years (a few very sad years for me). Luckily, the new store is still filled with a great selection of unique pieces at fair prices like its previous incarnation. Have a look:

I thought about buying my mom this awesome bowl or this lovely framed botanical watercolour.

In the end, I kept walking west towards my mom’s place. Between Sorauren and Roncesvalles there are a number of antique shops, but I particularly like Arcadia Antiques at 1702 Queen Street West. I’ve been browsing here since… I can’t remember when. And while they have some great pieces of furniture, they also have loads of small items like vases. When I give flowers, I like to include a pretty vase. Having decided somewhere around Lansdowne to go the traditional “get well soon” route with flowers and a little treat, I popped into Arcadia to see if they might have something appropriate.

I came close to picking up one of these puppies.

But finally decided on this little guy.

As for the treat, I went into Yummy Stuff at 1660 Queen Street West — just down the street from Arcadia — and picked up a red velvet cupcake. (Sorry, what? You are so over the whole cupcake craze? These cupcakes are so good they are like white walls or Jane Birkin — they will never go out of style.)

Now, for those of you not in the Toronto area or stricken with a bad case of agoraphobia, I also have a new favourite online vintage shop for you. Found is a great destination for carefully selected items at reasonable prices. It even boasts celebrity pickers like Tommy Smythe. Here are some of the items Mr. Smythe picked up:

Who doesn’t love a brass fox? And how about this quilt? (Some lucky person already scooped this one up.)

And not one of Tommy’s picks, but one of my faves, this sweet little vase.

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1-7. Kai Ethier

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