Shops We Love: Lambert Et Fils

After years of sitting behind a desk, Samuel Lambert left his office job to found Lambert et Fils, a lighting store in Montreal. At first, Lambert restored vintage light fixtures and transformed unusual objects, like photography tripods, into floor lamps. Today, he designs and crafts his own mod fixtures.

Most of the sconces, pendants and lamps in the shop are sketched and built in the adjoining studio by Lambert or one of his four in-house designers. The fixtures, which hang from the store’s embossed-tin ceiling, blend ’60s-inspired brass with industrial-style exposed bulbs and contemporary touches like red cords or matte black finishes. Set off by the space’s white walls, they have sculptural beauty even when switched off.

Located at 7755 Boulevard Saint-Laurent #101, Montreal. 

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Laura Vickery
André Rider
House & Home September 2013
  • Beautiful story, beautiful shop!

  • david paquette

    One thing you must know about Lambert & Fils is that they change costumer market. At the beginning, Lambert was about doing custom refurbish antic lamp. Now they do custom lamps for rich costumers.

    So “in a nutshell”, they’re not ecologic anymore but they keep playing the “ecologic” trend as they include always items and books in the officials pictures and they still do custom lamps (since the customer choose the different parts of the lamp).