Best Paint Colors

March 18, 2009

Shutters For A Georgian Home

Q. We recently purchased this 1920s red brick Georgian and we would like to add shutters. The front door is painted a taupe colour — would you recommend taupe shutters to match? Should we paint the eaves taupe as well?

A. Your home is beautiful. It calls for just a little dressing up, and shutters are a great way to start. Since the brick is such a pretty colour, think about going with a contrasting colour for the shutters instead of a too-neutral taupe like the door. The façade could use a little visual interest, and a deep charcoal grey or black like Para’s October Night or Eclipse would add striking dimension to the house. The taupe door should be painted the same colour as the shutters, as it seems to fade away under the handsome roof. Your front door should be noticeable, welcoming and focal.

If possible, consider painting the vertical white pipes the same colour as the brick. Think about adding flower boxes under the ground floor windows, as well as plants or flowers in cast iron urns flanking the door for a rich look and inviting feel. Change the plants or flowers with each season; in winter replace with evergreen branches, and in the spring with cherry blossoms. This will spruce up your exterior and make it seem always-changing, ever so slightly.