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October 11, 2010

Side Table Makeover

There’s something so exciting about the change of seasons, when the air gets a little cooler and we all start to feel something new coming on. Everybody focuses on a big ‘spring clean’, but this year, why not think a little about fall nesting? 

Think about it: brisk days and cosy nights, sweaters and leaf raking and a fresh beginning. I think it’s the perfect time to try something new at home. Why not refresh an old piece of furniture with paint? 

Here’s a project I tried recently…

Photo Blog October 11 DIY Furniture Makeovers White

I made over a pair of nightstands. You might remember them from the story on my apartment in June 2009 (watch the video tour!). I wanted to tone them down a little, so I used some leftover Farrow & Ball paint and some simple and elegant new hardware from Lee Valley Tools. You should check them out by the way, they have so many stylish options at great, great prices! I used this plane to scrape down the drawer edges a little. If a drawer has been painted too many times it will stick. A plane is a great way to keep them gliding smoothly.

Photo Blog October 11 DIY Furniture Makeovers Paint

Here’s the paint and hardware. The colour is called Light Gray No. 17, but it has a lot of brown in it, so its more of a warm putty than grey. The classic brass pulls from Lee Valley are the perfect touch to make these nightstands look handsome and refined.

Photo Blog October 11 DIY Furniture Makeovers Drawers

Of course, I had to fill the holes from the old hardware with polyfiller and sand them smooth. Then I measured and drilled holes for the new pulls.

Photo Blog October 11 DIY Furniture Makeovers Paint

Here is something to keep in mind: don’t let paint puddle in the corners, especially around drawers. This will only make the drawers stick and drive you crazy once it’s hardened. Keep an eye out for little puddles when painting and dab them away.

Photo Blog October 11 DIY Furniture Makeovers Side Tables

And here they are! Just a couple of coats of paint and some new handles and they look refreshed and ready for fall. Gone is the slick white paint and funky hardware — a more subtle, timeless hue with understated details completely transformed them. Perfect!

Photo Blog October 11 DIY Furniture Makeovers Table

I can’t wait to load them up with books and a water glass and top them with lovely lamps!

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Photo credits:
1-6. Michael Penney