Simple Designs From IDS12

My visit to the Interior Design Show in Toronto this past weekend was a confirmation of my belief in the virtue of simple design. It’s easy in this business to have your head turned by endless experiments in embellishment, colour and pattern. But in the end it’s the simple that always takes my breath away. Designs that are just enough and not too much. Here are my simple favourites spotted on the IDS floor:

The Hati chair by Piero Lissoni for Lema. Piero Lissoni was a special guest of the show. I’ll admit that sometimes I find the big name Italians a tad high-brow for my liking. But look at this chair. It’s all unpretentious perfection.

Counter stool by Shawn Place Designs. To my mind, the pace of condo building and hence the demand for great counter stool designs is far outpacing the availability of decent looking stools. So I welcome this beauty to the market with open arms. Thank you Shawn. P.S. 100% Canadian.

Side table by Heidi Earnshaw Design. I’m not completely immune to colour and this was a welcome relief from the experiments in Tangerine Tango evident on the show floor. What a handsome devil this is, all in a blue I’d call cobalt or maybe Yves Klein blue. This piece is also 100% Canadian.

The Biomega Amsterdam by Jens Martin Skibsted. This is the kind of beauty I would own if I were a loft-dwelling urbanite. Perfect for commuting but also a fantastic loft entryway accessory.

Jenn-Air white glass appliances. All hail the return of white appliances, I say. These sleek beauties make me think stainless steel is so Y2K.

AEG stacking laundry. They may look common to you, but as the member of a two-person household and someone who is currently designing a laundry room, these are a total find. North American laundry appliances are ballooning in proportion the same way that fridges are. It’s a trend I dislike. So these petite high-performers are jewels to my eyes.

Mini hexagon tiles from Stone-Tile International. So small. So matte. So want.

The Odin collection by Jason Wu for Brizo. The faucet is so new that Brizo only had a prototype at the show and it was encased in a Lucite box so you couldn’t touch. I sooo wanted to touch that satiny black finish! The line also includes the sexiest toilet flush lever and paper holder I have ever seen. Pure luxury. P.S. I estimate this to be about 40% Canadian, since Jason did live in Vancouver as a kid.

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Photo credits:
1-7. Margot Austin
8-9. Architectural Digest

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