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May 4, 2010

Simple Mother’s Day Gifts

I don’t usually fall for the Hallmark holidays, but Mother’s Day is different. Probably because I’m a mom of two great kids who keep me busy, grounded and help me appreciate the littlest pleasures in life. They’ve taught me to let go of having the perfect house — although my husband might argue that point — and that sometimes having breakfast for dinner is the way to go.

I know a lot of people fret about fancy cards and presents for Mother’s Day. (And it’s only six days away, on May 9th). Still, I’d encourage you to rethink your approach to gift giving — add a personal touch and keep it simple. After all, all moms really want is an hour to put our feet up.

Photo Blog May 4 Simple Mother’s Day Gifts Jewelry Box

This little jewelry box from HomeSense is only $7. Filled with chocolates, a spa gift certificate, or a simple macaroni necklace, it would surely please.

Photo Blog May 4 Simple Mother’s Day Gifts Plants

I’ll take a trip to a garden centre over cut flowers any day. No baby’s breath here! Even if your mother is in condo, a houseplant (flowering or not) is a lovely gift — and it won’t die as quickly as cut blooms. These potted myrtle plants are very chic. Don’t forget to buy a nice terracotta pot to put it in, too!

Photo Blog May 4 Simple Mother’s Day Gifts Throws Vintage

Keep vintage in mind for a gift that feels a little more one-of-a-kind. My friend Arren Williams just found this square embroidered cloth at Value Village for $8!! With a quick wash, it would be a fab gift. I can see it draped over a sofa.

Photo Blog May 4 Simple Mother’s Day Gifts Flea-Market Aberfoyle

Now that spring has sprung, many antique shows have started up again. Why not take mom out to an antiques fair and let her find her own treasure? Add lunch along the way at a little roadside restaurant — and that would be a heavenly day. Honey, are you reading this? Above is the Aberfoyle Antique Market, only about an hour outside of Toronto.

Photo Blog May 4 Simple Mother’s Day Gifts Frames

Framing a great drawing or homemade piece of art is a no-brainer for the perfect gift. I have a pencil drawing my son did when he was four hanging on my bedroom wall. A gold flea-market frame makes it extra special. Umbra, Ikea and Nexxt by Linea are all great sources for ready-made frames.

Photo Blog May 4 Simple Mother’s Day Gifts Cookbook

Lastly, a homemade dinner is the best end to a day with the family. Apples For Jam (2006 Murdoch Books) is a terrific cookbook by Tessa Kiros. The delicious roast chicken and banana bread recipes are easy for kids and dads to whip up, and will become a staple in your kitchen. Plus, it’s pretty to look at.

Get easy and delicious recipes for Mother’s Day, too.

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