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January 28, 2010

Simple Sofas

I think everyone looking for a new sofa falls in love with a Montauk. Whether you have sat on one in their showroom, or just checked them out in a magazine or on a website, you can just tell they are super comfortable and would last forever.

Photo: Comfortable sofas from Montauk Sofa

I used to see their sofas as something you would use only in a casual space like a family room or loft, because of their overstuffed feather cushions and optional slipcovers. But over the past few years they have come out with a few new collections that are much more refined and could be used in any room.

Photo: Comfortable sofa from Montauk Sofa

The Wingback is their newest sofa and it’s right on trend with the shelter-style high back. I’ve often seen it shown in linen which further adds to its organic look.

Photo: Montauk Sofa - Big Ben sofa

Photo:Montauk Sofa - Big Ben Sofa

Old favourites of mine are the Stanley sofa and the Big Ben sofa (both above) — square arms and simple shapes always work for me.

Photo: Montauk Sofa - Polo Chair

The Scroll sofa and Polo chair are two other newer styles that have classic lines and details.

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Photo credits:
Montauk Sofa