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I guess I’m known as a preppy guy most of the time. I’m a big fan of stripes, argyle socks, and fresh, punchy colour mixed with traditional furnishings and antiques. Well if you’re a prepster like me, you’ll know all about Sister Parish, the great American decorator famous for decorating the White House for the Kennedys.

Sister Parish was never afraid to mix high with low, serious with fun, and always made her spaces feel interesting and full of tension and balance. Here’s a shot of her own lacquered living room layered with chintz.

Modern decorating enthusiasts have embraced her retro style and her work has been featured in many a decor mag, including Domino.

Sister Parish’s descendents now sell her famous fabrics and even a new line of accessories that capture the preppy spirit of this classic design firm. Here is a sampling of some of my favourites. How about some graphic and colourful cushions?

And I love the fabric used on this lampshade. Or what about this ice bucket, platter and stationery? Delish!!

Pens, pencils, and notepads never looked so good, thanks to Sister Parish!

And here’s the fabric collection used in an outdoor grouping.

Or, how about a little cottage study?

I just love how bold and vibrant these items are. Not bad for such a classy looking lady, huh?

Sister Parish’s design influence is still being felt today in rooms like this one from House Beautiful.

To learn more about Sister Parish, her design, and her modern-day
devotees, check out this book. Full of beautiful watercolour illustrations, it’s a must-read for any preppy decor-holic like me.

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