Sleek Steel-Framed Windows

Here at House & Home, pouring over pictures of inspiring rooms is an ongoing game. There are countless resources, from blogs to design books and international hotels to other publications. It’s easy enough to keep a physical or digital file of your inspiration, but even more useful is figuring out what it is about the specific space that you are drawn to. Is it the colour palette, a specific item of furniture, a carefully curated collection? This is something I’ve been trying to focus on while perusing the ample amount of interior spaces that I look at every day.

Recently, I have gravitated towards a number of beautiful and assorted rooms that seem to have a common feature: oversized, steel-framed factory windows. This architectural feature seems to be incredibly defining and unique, yet modest at the same time.

I love how the delicate black struts enclose the large windowpanes, framing the view and setting a graphic backdrop to the space. The expansive glass lends a contemporary, industrial and slightly masculine feel to rooms that might otherwise be feminine or more traditional.

Although these aren’t necessarily exterior windows, I find this bathroom particularly spectacular because of the repurposed factory windows.

Clearly, I’m crushing on these huge windows. But I also think they have longevity. What are your thoughts?

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