Decorating & Design

November 27, 2008

Small Bathroom Ideas

Q. I need help with our small bathroom. The space measures 6’ by 6.5’. The tub is on one side, with toilet and pedestal sink on another. We will gut the room and buy new white fixtures. I’d like to put in mosaic tile about 3.5’ up the wall where the sink and toilet are situated. Would coloured mosaic tile be too busy for this tiny bathroom? I’d like a clean, light look but the room needs some sparkle. Also, do you have any ideas for mirrors and lighting?

— K.P., Regina, Sask.

A. To create a clean, airy look, I would suggest going with a mosaic tile in a very subtle range of white and grey. This will add texture and visual interest to the space while keeping the look crisp and spa-like. If you want a similar yet more modern and uniform look, consider going with off-white mosaic tile instead.

For lighting, if you have enough wall space on both sides of the mirror, cylindrical hotel-style sconces will add glamour and sparkle to the room — choose fixtures with classic, streamlined design that will work nicely in a small bathroom. Or if the space is too tight, then a double or triple sconce over your mirror will also work nicely.