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June 17, 2010

Splurge-Worthy Items

Oh, the joys of home ownership. That is, if you own an old home like mine. Am I crazy, or does everything cost at least $2,000 in repairs when something needs to be fixed? New dishwasher? Purchased and installed for $2,000. New window? Purchased and installed for $2,000. Painter to touch-up the crazy weird high bits you can’t get to? That’s right — $2,000. Right now it’s my chimney, and I’m not doing a fabulous gas insert or anything, just the chimney on top of the roof — the part that you draw on the top of your house when you’re five years old. The cost? You guessed it — $2,000. Oh, the joy.

All this spending is making me dizzy. Plus, I can’t help thinking about all of the fun things I could be spending that money on instead, like….

Photo Blog June 17 Splurge Items Lamp

This Boa table lamp from Niche Modern. $795 US.

Photo Blog June 17 Splurge Items Outdoor Chair

Or, the outdoor Beaufort club chair and ottoman from McKinnon and Harris. $2,000 plus.

Photo Blog June 17 Splurge Items Fabric Bed Blanket

Love this Mexican bedspread from L’Aviva Home, boldly coloured and embroidered on a cotton ground. Especially the indigo blue. $325 US.

Photo Blog June 17 Splurge Items Art

Or, a reproduction of a 1951 work by Ellsworth Kelly. Framed 33-1/2” square, $325 US.

Hmmm, maybe for $2,000, a cheapie trip to NYC is long overdue?

For more art inspiration — a great way to spend your hard-earned money — check out our Art Advice Guide.

Photo credits:
1. Niche Modern
2. McKinnon and Harris
3. L’Aviva Home
4. The Museum of Modern Art