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May 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Cooking at home is the hands-down hottest trend in food right now, and what better reason to tackle a full-on, no-condiment-is-safe spring cleaning of the kitchen? Wouldn’t you love to have a fridge that looks like this?

clean fridge portrait

You will no doubt come across items that have got to go (bye-bye leftover buttercream). But you might also re-introduce yourself to interesting ingredients that have just been forgotten (hey there, French lentils!), and inspire your way to new cooking feats.

Mark Bittman has great hints in his article from The New York Times (though I respectfully disagree with his no-canned-beans policy).

And for true inspiration, read along with The Kitchn’s “The Kitchen Cure” here. It’s a six-week series of posts aimed at whipping your kitchen into shape so you can cook more delicious foods than ever (and have a pantry that looks as neat and tidy as this next shot).

clean organized pantry

My own Achilles heel is duplicates. I found two open jars of Branston relish and a number of Parmesan rinds I’m “saving for soup.” And though the peach crisp I made didn’t quite use up all the two open bags of brown sugar from the pantry, it sure tasted great!

So what’s in your fridge?

Photo credits:
1. Fridge from Flickr
2. Pantry from The Kitchn’s “The Kitchen Cure”