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April 2, 2012

Spring Room Makeover: Part 1

Last week, I had fun helping my colleague Cameron MacNeil give a client’s living room a fresh springtime update. The makeover and photo shoot was a one-day affair in which I drove around town picking up key decorating pieces. Cameron waited for the bigger pieces to be delivered as I zipped across the city to get lamps, pillows and more in the all-new Buick Verano. (This blog is sponsored by Buick Verano. Enter to win over $3,000 of chic home accents!)

Avenue Road was the perfect stop to find a small luxury bench. Here I am loading it into the spacious trunk.

Cameron found a superb place to display the handsome piece. Its classic profile and luxe details make it hard to miss when set against the marble fireplace.

After a few trips to various decor stores, I made a quick stop to pick up some cushions I had spotted a few weeks earlier. Finding the stores was a breeze thanks to the Verano’s touch-screen navigation system. Plus, it was peaceful: the advanced QuietTuning™ technology make the typical noise of the city disappear. It truly is an unrivaled interior experience.

Even though I knew Cameron had enough decorative pillows for the space, I couldn’t resist getting these ikat beauties, too. When I arrived back at the client’s house, we both realized the cushions I had brought were a bit big for the space, but of course, Cameron had a solution to make them work. Watch the Online TV segment to see how these oversized cushions inspired Cameron’s casual-eclectic sofa upgrade! Plus, stay tuned for my next blog on the makeover experience on April 18th.

Photo credits:
Jason Stickley