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April 20, 2009

Spring’s Pretty Pastels

Like the buttercream chocolates my grandmother liked to dish out thinly sliced on fine china, spring’s pretty pastel colours are often served so sugary sweet, anyone past pigtails and fairytales can find them hard to swallow. But it would be a mistake to write off these delicate hues as a childish pleasure.

Canvas Home’s hand-woven linen pillows in soft pink, moss and vanilla.

Just as my sweet tooth has become more sophisticated — Dolfin‘s dark chocolate treats are my preferred sugar fix now — so too has this soft spring palette. Paired with natural finishes, rich earth tones and sleek modern silhouettes, these colours combine to create a gorgeous, grown-up effect.

Alessi’s stunning new Tonale dish collection designed by British architect David Chipperfield.

 cocktail ring knobs

For a little sparkle, accessorize drawers with Anthropologie’s glamorous Cocktail Ring Knobs. The colours are soft enough to mix the different shades.

The Royal Ballet’s picture perfect set for Les Biches in 2005. The black collars inject a note of sophistication. Adding a few dark accessories to a pale room has the same result.

Country estate - a lavander and pale blue pairing

In a country estate, New York designer Steven Gambrel paired lavender and pale blue. Now I want to, too.


Dolfin’s petal-shaped dark chocolates are lightly scented with essential oils, including lavender, orange blossom and lemongrass.

A delicious tablescape from Mud Australia’s January 2009 porcelain collection catalogue.

Perk up pastels with a few bright pops, be it a vase of fuchsia flowers, framed art or an accent pillow. Designers Guild.

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