Standout Photographers

In my line of work, I’m lucky enough to visit the websites of talented photographers from all over the world. Some of their websites are so captivating that I thought I would share some of my favourite interior shots with you. Like fashion photography, it takes a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to capture a room in just the right way — whether to grab the attention of newsstand browsers or magazine flippers.

And what makes a shot cover-worthy? Can you guess which of the photos below landed covers of top shelter magazines like Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, The World of Interiors and Vogue Living? In your opinion, what makes a standout interior shot different from a so-so shot? Browse my picks below, and take note of lighting and angles. And next time you’re browsing through H&H, let me know which shots make you linger on a page.

Martin Morrell, U.K.:

Grey Crawford, Los Angeles:

Matthieu Salvaing, Paris:

Henry Bourne, U.K.:

Simon Upton, U.K.:

Antoine Bootz, New York:

Dean Kaufman:

William Waldron, New York:

Pieter Estersohn, New York:

Mikkel Vang, Melbourne, Copenhagen, New York:

Paul Barbera, New York:

And now the answer key. These are the photos from above that made covers of major magazines:

Tell me, what do you think makes a great interior shot?

Photo credits:
1-2. Martin Morrell
3. Grey Crawford
4-5. Matthieu Salvaing
6. Henry Bourne
7-8. Simon Upton
9. Antoine Bootz
10. Dean Kaufman

11. William Waldron
12-13. Pieter Estersohn
14. Mikkel Vang
15. Paul Barbera
16a. Matthieu Salvaing, Elle Decor Italia
16b. Matthieu Salvaing, Architectural Digest France
17a. Simon Upton, The World of Interiors
17b. Paul Barbera, Vogue Living Australia

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