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August 20, 2009

Standout Staircases

Sunset Blvd - mansion's staircase

Remember that scene in Sunset Blvd., when Norma Desmond comes sweeping down her mansion’s staircase to greet reporters? Take a tip from Old Hollywood and use your stairs as a platform for drama.

By London, U.K. photographer Dan Duchars - juicy orange stairs

I love this shot by London, U.K. photographer Dan Duchars. Yes, the juicy orange runner demands our attention, but it’s the matching stripe of paint tracing the stairway’s sweeping curve that sets these stairs apart.

Muriel Brandolini - rainbow stairs

Likewise, in the Long Island cottage of designer Muriel Brandolini, rainbow risers brighten what threatened to be a dark, dreary stairwell.

Janna Bullock - banister redesign

If you’re collecting ideas for building your dream home, here’s two for the file. In a showhome in Russia, New York designer Janna Bullock rethought the traditional banister and did away with the railing. Kids would certainly be disappointed there was nothing to slide down, but the result is airy, artsy and cool.

Whimsical spiral staircase

And it’s hard to go wrong with a whimsical spiral staircase. I prefer these tucked into a corner, much like the one London outfit Studioilse installed in a boutique designed for Aesop cosmetics. Eye-catching in their own right, these stairs need no further embellishment to make stylish statement.

For more staircase inspiration, read all about Refinishing A Staircase.

Photo credits:
1. Sunset Blvd. image from
Cinema Style
Dan Duchars
3. Muriel Brandolini’s cottage, photography by Eric Boman for the July 2009 issue of The World of Interiors
Janna Bullock