August 21, 2009

Storing Onions

photo by Janis Nicolay for House & Home

No doubt everyone has at least a handful of utterly useless kitchen gadgets. The worst one to ever pass through my kitchen was a 10-piece plastic microwave omelette maker (a gift from a well-meaning but distant relative, but I don’t even have a microwave!).

the onion keeper

And yet while many would call this onion keeper redundant, it’s a star for any small household. A little onion goes a long way, and this airtight container keeps the remaining cut bulb fresh in the fridge for a week. I love adding just a few teaspoons of raw onion to guacamole, or a dozen slices on top of a pizza, or for the world’s greatest weekend lunch: a grilled cheddar sandwich with a few slices of fresh onion in it.

cheddar sandwich with fresh onion

Find one if these trusty gadgets on eBay or Craigslist. They’re also available at:

Academy of Culinary Arts
1703 Bayview Avenue
East York, ON
(416) 486-1859

Photo credits:
1. April 2009 issue of House & Home, photography by Janis Nicolay
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3., July 20, 2009, photography by Robyn Lee