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November 23, 2009

Stuck In Neutral

Sometimes you just can’t fight it when you are stuck in a bit of a rut design-wise. My groove for the past couple of months has been black and white mixed with grey/flax, with a smaller hit of some strong accent colour. But really — I am stuck on the strength of black and white mixed against neutral. It seems to feel timeless and up-to-date all at the same time, and I just can’t seem to shake myself into getting excited about doing walls of colour. It’s not that I don’t like a room painted a hue — it’s just, well, I am stuck in neutral. The good thing about working at House & Home is there is more than one person to shake you out of your comfort zone sooner or later — but until someone gets me into inky blue and persimmon, here is a rundown of some of the black/white and neutral products I was thinking about yesterday for my dream dining room. It’s all pretty simple, but that’s I think why I can’t stay away!

Photo: Liquid dishware from Portmeirion

1. New “liquid” dishware from Portmeirion. I love the soft fluid shapes. Santa, are you listening?

Photo: Big Sur small dining table from Crate & Barrel

2. Big Sur Small Dining Table, $1,500 USD, Crate & Barrel. The clean, handsome lines and warmth of this table balance the black and white and make it more livable.

Photo: Olle Chair in black from ikea

3. Olle Chair in black, $55, Ikea. Fellow editor Michael Penney put me on to these! I love the simplicity (and the price point!) of them!

Photo: Napkins and placemats from Dwell Studio

Photo: Napkin and placemat from Dwell Studio

4. Although I am not normally a placemat person, I would mix these simple bordered linen napkins with these pretty mats. Border Major Brown Napkins (left), Border Dove Napkins (middle), and Color Field Java Placemats (right), all from Dwell Studio.

Photo: Ikea’s Björkefall Candlesticks

Photo: Ikea’s Björkefall Candlesticks

5. Ikea’s Björkefall Candlesticks, $8. Love the new/old vibe of these — think they could look interesting running down the centre of the table — mixed with larger vases of blue hydrangea and the black candle sticks that Andrea Mills posted last week on her H&H Style Sleuth blog.

Read more about how to make a dining room more formal or check out Lynda Reeves’ favourites in her blog on Decorating With Neutrals.

Photo credits:
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