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Photo Blog April 1 Style Gone Wild Lamp

Every April 1st, I suspiciously second guess every message, news item and announcement that comes across my desk: Are they kidding? Am I being had? I have to admit, it’s a familiar feeling.

Contemporary design — both in fashion and the home — can sometimes feel like a practical joke. I find myself wondering if designers are just having fun with us, seeing how far they can go before yelling, “Gotcha!”

Photo: contemporary design - fashion

But separating the interesting from the just plain silly is part of the fun. And often, the most compelling ideas don’t take themselves too seriously. In the spirit of April Fools Day, here are a few of my favourite, wonderfully witty designs.

Photo Blog April 1 Style Gone Wild Jaime Hayon

Why should horses have all the fun? Spanish designer Jaime Hayon’s Green Chicken is worth a ride.

Photo Blog April 1 Style Gone Wild Lighting

Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans’ lightbulbs (also shown in the first pic of this post) appear to ooze out of their vintage fixtures, resulting in a crazy blend of the new and the old-fashioned.

Photo Blog April 1 Style Gone Wild Storage Console

The cheekily named Wrongwoods collection of storage pieces, by British artist Richard Woods and designer Sebastian Wrong for Established & Sons, has been on my wish list since it debuted in 2007.

Photo Blog April 1 Style Gone Wild Tablecloth Dining Table

The Tableau tablecloth from Droog is decorated with silhouettes from the aftermath of a dinner party, reminding guests that they’re there for a good time.

Photo Blog April 1 Style Gone Wild Rug Carpet

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders created this carpet for Moooi in 2005 to look like a porcelain plate.

Photo: Porcelain vinegar flask

This porcelain vinegar flask by Dutch designer Aldo Bakker reminds me of a grumpy old man. But form serves function — look how beautifully it pours.

Photo Blog April 1 Style Gone Wild Fans

Forget sleek and industrial — these clay fans by Maarten Baas have way more character. Tim Burton, eat your heart out.

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