Styling A Coffee Table

For those of you thinking this post is about decorated coffee tables layered with lush blooms and worldly objets d’art, I’m sorry I’ve deceived you. This one is for those who have busy homes with children and pets, and who wouldn’t dream of a perfect coffee table display like this:

I’m sure you’ve had those moments when company is coming over and you need a quick mini-makeover. Here are a few tricks to pull off a clean look that requires little fuss. Now, dust off those Cheetos crumbs, hide those unsightly remotes and try one of these easy looks:

If you’re receiving guests, chances are you’ll be serving beverages. Pull out your finest tea set or pitcher and throw it all on your coffee table. If you have a serving tray, even better. If not, just arrange some snacks and napkins on a large, pretty plate and call it a day.

No drinks? No problem! Take a potted plant from another room and place it on your coffee table. A bowl of fruit always works, too. Stick to one kind — something that looks fresh like mandarins or green apples. No bruised bananas, please.

A fresh and colourful bouquet is always nice, but if time is limited, grab your strongest shears and head outdoors. Whether the trees have leaves or not, branches add a nice touch of nature. Pine branches look great, too.

If you have a game of chess worthy of display, then go for it! It’ll add a handsome element to the room.

Try creating your own pretty objects by displaying a small collection in a bowl. Pebbles, game pieces, pine cones, buttons, whole walnuts — anything goes!

What are your some of your quick and easy styling tricks?

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