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December 13, 2010

Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas

Sometimes when scouting for the magazine, I come across things that just make me say, “That would make a great gift!” Not every item makes it into the pages of House & Home, but I can’t help but want to share my finds with everyone!

If you’re in the midst of holiday shopping, take a look at these two ideas.

Photo Blog Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas Paper

First, this fantastic stationery collection from Crane & Co. I just love the wit and humour of these cards and sticky notes decorated with old-school spectacles. In case you hadn’t noticed, these glasses look a lot like mine, so they get my vote! The paper pads would look totally chic next to a cup full of bright yellow pencils. And if you’ve got a beloved four-eyes friend in your life, why not show that you dig their personal style and give these as a gift? But you don’t have to settle for just dark glasses like mine…

Photo Blog Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas Paper Glasses

They come in a rainbow of colours and variety of styles! There are some sunny yellow aviators (a fave with editors here at H&H) and even some red ones for Sally Jessy Raphael! Crane stationery is sold all over the place (independent stores and chains alike), so keep your eye out for them this holiday season.

Photo Blog Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas Sewing Kit

Next up, this adorably sweet sewing kit from Pi’lo! I love the homespun charm of everything Heather Shaw (the artisan) makes, and this kit is no exception. It’s the perfect gift for a beginner crafter, or maybe someone who is just setting out on their own and needs the basics.

Photo Blog Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas Sewing Kit

Packaged in a vintage Mason jars and full of useful goodies, these sewing kits are both stylish and practical. Available through Etsy.

It can be hard to find gifts that are interesting, charming, unique and don’t cost the earth, so why not give these Penney-approved gifts a try?

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Photo credits:
Michael Penney