Summertime Dreaming

Well, it comes as no surprise how “done” I am with winter. I know I live in Canada, but we have been spoiled the last few years with our gentle winters. For March break we usually jet off to Florida for some fun in the sun, but this year we decided to stay put. In three weeks we are moving back into our house after a five month reno!
As I dream about summer days, I have resorted to adding pics to my Pinterest account to remind me of the days to come. One of the boards is for our backyard. There are a few over-the-top ideas to consider, but some easy and affordable ones too:

A built-in slide! We actually have a slight hill in our yard, where this would be perfect. Add a little water and you have a instant water slide!

My boys would love this skate ramp in the backyard. I love how they’ve painted it to look like a pool.

If you don’t have enough room for a pool, here’s a great idea to consider.  Obviously, it’s a huge job to undertake but how fun. I can see the adults enjoying this as much as the kiddies.

Love the concrete bench with the pink and grey throw cushions. It’s easygoing and a great seating area for a large party.

These outdoor lights have been on my shopping list for years.  No, they are not Christmas lights — they’re way more charming and have a beautiful glow.

Photo credits:
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