Summery Chair Cushions

vintage iron chairs with pillows

There’s something utterly summery about dainty vintage iron chairs. Like these ones shown, they tend to last forever and have a bygone charm that’s right at home in a cottage, where further scuffs and scrapes will only add to their appeal. I’d put this trio in an entryway instead of the typical bench. I love how the pillows are also different shapes and sizes, but tie the whole vignette together. The fabric is from Jane Churchill.

Cushion fabrics:
On left chair: Seine Stripe, blue J572F-02, Medway Stripe, red J571F-03, Allen Check, red J567F-03.
On middle chair: Loire Stripe, red J570F-04.
On right chair: (back) Loire Stripe, red J570F-04, Loire Stripe, blue J570F-01, (front) Severn Stripe, dark blue J568F-07, Severn Stripe, red J568F-03.

Plus, learn how to sew your own toss cushion covers.

Photo credit:
Jane Churchill

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