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May 17, 2010

Summery Wicker Furniture

Is there anything more casual-comfort than wicker? Rattan, seagrass, bamboo and wicker — I love them all, and find that they inject balance and beachy style to almost any room. If your room feels a little too stuffy, formal, or even hard and modern, add some natural, crunchy material and your room will feel cosier and more relaxed. It’s that woven layer that really makes a space.

Photo Blog May 17 Wicker Furniture Kitchen

Designers like Kathryn M. Ireland use woven chairs, tables, headboards and stools all the time. Here, she’s brought outdoor-feeling rattan chairs inside to warm up a white kitchen. Genius! Painted or natural, they look fantastic all together like this. See what I mean about casual?

One other bonus about summery woven-ware is that it’s fairly affordable. Of course, you can get higher-end items like McGuire furniture, but there is lots out there for the budget-conscious. Check out some of my faves.

Photo Blog May 17 Wicker Furniture Bed

Go big or go home with this woven bed from Crate & Barrel. I like how fresh it looks with this white bedding. A quilt might seem natural, but could also take the cottage look too far. Keep it simple, and that’s what will make it clean and current.

Photo Blog May 17 Wicker Furniture Basket

Try a small hit of wicker with a wastepaper basket. This is a stylist’s staple. (I have this very Ikea example at home!)

Photo Blog May 17 Wicker Furniture Screen

I love the romance of a room divider, and this woven example from Pier 1 is super stylish. It has a more global feeling than country cottage.

Photo Blog May 17 Wicker Furniture Chair

I love the idea of using woven chairs indoors around a simple table. I’d also like to try painting them a great colour. With Ikea’s affordable prices, you can feel free to experiment.

Photo Blog May 17 Wicker Furniture Side Table

If you have a wooden set of furniture in your bedroom, why not break it up with something woven? I love this little table beside a bed. It’s from Crate & Barrel and has a nice rich colour.

Photo Blog May 17 Wicker Furniture Basket Chest

This trunk from Ikea is another great item for the bedroom, maybe at the foot of the bed. Or, two at the end of twin beds!!! But don’t overlook using one, as a beach-chic coffee table with storage. The greyed patina is so on trend!

Photo Blog May 17 Wicker Furniture Backyard Patio

Whether inside or outside, high-end or affordable, woven furniture is the perfect natural hit for any room.

For more beachy design, check out my Ralph Lauren Inspiration blog post.

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